Automate your document processing the smart way

Tailored Document AI solution for your organization

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Why Choose Kudra for Your Business

Tailored and precise document processing solutions for your business needs.

Adapts to Your Business
Kudra's AI learns your industry and your business, saving you time on document tasks.

Focus on What Matters
Handle's document automation, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Easy to Use
Implement custom workflows with Kudra's easy drag-and-drop workflow creation - no coding skills required.

Effortless Handling

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

Kudra lets you easily extract relevant information from invoices, receipts, bills in any format.

Built for companies like
baker mckenzie
Smart Automation

Easily extract key Data from Untruscutred Documents

Kudra simplifies document processing by automatically pulling out the important information from contracts, reports, court cases, etc.

Built for companies like
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Smart Document Flow

Automate Document Processing with No-Code Required

Effortlessly upload, extract, and categorize data from your documents, all the way to exporting in your preferred format.

Do you need an AI Consultation from an Expert ?

Document AI Consulting for Enterprise


We help you put document AI to work to automate your document processing at scale

Document AI Solutions

We provide custom AI solution to quickly extract data, summarize documents, and eliminate hours of data entry.

Generative AI Expertise

We integrate LLM to enhance document processing capabilities to handle a lot more complex, unstructured document types.

Cloud Integration

Integrate our ready-to-use document AI solution into your favorite cloud provider


We help you implement best-in-class Document AI solutions and generative AI models without any code

Smart Document Flow

Automate Document Processing from A to Z

Effortlessly upload, extract, and categorize data from your documents, all the way to exporting in your preferred format.

How it works

How Kudra Works

Add Your Documents Swiftly

Easily upload any document, no matter how large or detailed.

Convert Text Quickly

Our OCR swiftly turns images into editable, searchable text.

Capture Data Precisely

Accurately pull key data from tables and forms without missing a detail.

Organize Documents Smartly

Let AI-powered ChatGPT efficiently categorize and sort your documents.

Save Documents Seamlessly

Export your documents in your chosen format effortlessly that fits your needs.

Unified Approach

Humans & AI, Together.

Kudra's AI learns from human corrections, continually improving till you reach high accuracy.

Unified Approach

Humans & AI, Together.

Kudra's AI learns from human corrections, continually improving till you reach high accuracy.


Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Tools: QuickBooks, Power Automate, and More!

Unlocking Potential with Smart Document Management

Revolutionizing document processing with Kudra

Faster document handling

Kudra reduces manual document work by 90%, freeing up your team.

More accurate data

Kudra's automation cuts human errors by 95%, for consistent data.

Lower operational costs

Kudra cuts costs by 80%, automating tasks and increasing efficiency.

Use cases

A powerful tool for every industry

Small Businesses

Kudra automates paperwork like invoices and customer data. Focus on growing your business, not sorting papers.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Kudra streamlines shipping invoices and customer orders. Spend less time on documents and more on your business vision.

Legal and Compliance

Automate compliance checks and legal filings with Kudra. Focus on your case, leave the paperwork to us.

Stand out from

Kudra trains AI for tailored document sorting, no matter your industry. Enjoy customized efficiency.

Property Management

Kudra organizes lease agreements and maintenance requests. Oversee assets without paperwork chaos.


Kudra handles claims and policy documents. Focus on your business vision, not on forms.

Costumers are happy to share their experiences

I am thoroughly impressed with Kudra's workflow feature for extracting crucial data from balance sheets and financial statements. As a CPA, time efficiency and accuracy are paramount, and Kudra delivers both seamlessly. Its ability to generate personalized reports with extracted insights has significantly enhanced my financial analysis capabilities. Kudra is undeniably a game-changer for professionals in the accounting and finance realm.


“Kudra is undeniably a game-changer for professionals in the accounting and finance realm.”



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Case Studies

Law Firms
Avatar Writer - Kudra's Advanced AI Text Generation

Sifting through vast amounts of legal documents in environmental litigation cases can be a daunting task for lawyers.

Supply Chain

Logistics companies like freight forwarders handle a large volume of unstructured documents from various importers, each with unique invoice and bill structures.

Avatar Writer - Kudra's Advanced AI Text Generation

Insurance companies regularly contend with a wide array of unstructured documents from different providers, each with its unique policy declaration and form structure.


Something for everyone

Starter Plan

Ideal for Small Businesses.

Process 5,000 docs/month

Access general AI model

Automated workflow

AI correction learning

24/7 support

Essential templates

Customizable categories

Built for companies like
robert halt

Professional Plan

Ideal for Medium-Sized companies.

Process 10,000 docs/month

Advanced AI

Custom categorization

Priority support

Monthly usage reports

Enhanced templates

AI learning insights

Multi-User Access

Advanced Analytics

Customizable Workflows

Built for companies like
baker mckenzie

Entreprise Plan

Ideal for Large Firms.

Bespoke pricing

Flexible limits

Customizable AI

Custom support

Dedicated consultant

Tailored reporting

Exclusive features

Built for companies like
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Frequently asked Questions

Kudra is an AI-powered platform that transforms unstructured documents into structured data. Upload your documents, create a workflow, and let our AI do the rest.   

Kudra automates document processing, freeing you to focus on core business tasks. Say goodbye to manual data entry and disorganized documents.

Absolutely! Kudra's AI adapts to any industry's specific needs, ensuring tailored and accurate document processing.

Our advanced AI models ensure high precision and continually learn for improved accuracy.

Yes! Kudra is designed for efficient processing, regardless of document volume.

Absolutely. Kudra uses top-notch encryption and adheres to stringent data protection protocols.

Yes! Easily customize your workflow with our no-code builder.

Kudra can process diverse documents like invoices, receipts, contracts, etc. 

Sign up, upload documents, customize your workflow, and let Kudra handle the rest. 

Pricing is customized to your needs and document volume. Contact us for a personalized quote.

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